Here are the most often asked Candid Wedding Photography FAQ

To help answer most questions you might have about our candid wedding photography we have put this Frequently asked questions together. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +91 95517 01900 or send us an email.

How many photos do you take?

We never count! Within the session time you can take unlimited number of photos.

What about the charges for more than 2 sessions?

For extra sessions, you have to pay only the additional camera charges

Do you have separate packages for Pre/Post wedding shoot?

Yes, but if you have booked wedding package with us, you need to pay only the additional camera charges

How much extra do you charge for desination weddings?

Only travel charges extra

Which camera are you using for traditional photos?

We use Canon 5D mark iii for both Traditional and Candid Photos and you get 23 megapixel photos

What do you mean 'Unlimited Photos'?

Within the session timing you can take as much you like. We don't have roll limits

How many colour corrected photos do you give?

Traditional Photos:
Basic colour corrections(exposure, white balance) are done

Candid Photos:
Fine colour corrections(exposure, white balance, sharpness, saturaion, etc.) and retouching are done by our colourists

Why Dhee Media?

How does Dhee Media differ from others? Here is the answer.
Portrait Photography with black screen background for FREE.
Unlimited clicks.
All photos are professionaly retouched.
Crews are Cinematography/Viscom/DFT qualified only.
Transparent in pricing, services and no hidden costs.

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