Candid Wedding Videography
in Chennai

"You have an amazing story that is about to unfold.
We are here to make your story come alive like you never thought possible..."

Best Wedding Videography and Wedding Cinematography in Chennai, Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Best Cinematic Wedding Videography, 4K Ultra HD and Drone Videography, Candid Wedding Videography in Chennai, Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.

“You are here because this decisive moment in your life is fast approaching and it will redefine your life and your story forever. We are here to take your story to a whole new level, something you may not have thought was possible. But it is possible. This is your moment and from here your story becomes truly legendary…”

Dhee Media offers best Wedding Videography and best Wedding Cinematography in Chennai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli, Nagercoil, Chidambaram, Neyveli and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Candid Wedding Videography is filmed by Cinematographers from film industry. Whatsapp Wedding Invitation Video is available.

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Cinematic Wedding Videographers in Chennai

Cinematic Wedding Film - Highlights/Trailer

Cinematic wedding film tells the story of your wedding day in brief with cinematic approach. Wedding moments captured with high definition cameras are embedded with special effects created by our cinema experts. It flows just like a motion picture, you’ll laugh, cry and smile. Every memorable moment and even some you didn’t see or remember are there intertwined with a soundtrack that is uniquely you. This is emotional and something our couples watch over and over again.

Wedding Videography in Chennai

Traditional Wedding Videography - The Complete Story

Traditional Video is a complete story. It includes bride and groom preparations, high points of your entire marriage ceremony and reception. Professional Videographers play the traditional role with latest video equipments. This is a simple and elegant way to relive your wedding for years and generations to come. It is a documentary approach with a hint of artistic flair.

Traditional Video is completely edited by our professional video editors. To add flavour, along with linear traditional video some candid video clips shot by candid video cameras are also mixed.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot / Post Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding or Post Wedding video shoot is an Add-On Package. Our creative crews can visit your favourite place anywhere in the world to capture the unique moments and turn you into the star of your very own wedding film. You are not made tired and you won’t be nervous, our crews will guide you making beautiful expressions. You won’t feel the day has gone. Depends on the shooting spot you can have 2 or 3 costume change per session to match with the surroundings. Our filmers will guide you choosing the costume as well. Finally our video editors will pick the best clips of the moments and add to Cinematic Wedding Video. Ultimately the harmonic video will play like a film.
Post wedding videos are everlasting! You can’t believe yourself! It is a half day or full day fun with 2 or more costume change.

Drone Wedding Videography - Indoor and Outdoor

The era of Helicam or Drone has come. Capture the flying moments with Drone or Helicam with Cinema specialists. Your wedding premise or Chariot of “Mapillai Azhaipu” can be shot as a bird eye view with our professional drone operators from the film industry. Post wedding or pre wedding can be made wonderful with Drones. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, Urban or country side our certified cinema professionals are ready to fly for you.
Drone videography is not in the default package but in the add on pack. Permissions are required for exterior Drone videography

4k-Ultra HD Wedding Videography

4K - Ultra HD Wedding Videography

Explore the professional Ultra HD 4K Wedding shoot and be fit for the future TVs. For 4K packages call +91-9551701900 or Email us

Wedding Videography